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Kindly read in full before you make a payment for any of the below mentioned personal sessions with Kalyaann Sir or Reetta Kalyan Jain.

(1) Our metaphysical work mainly involves working full time with Angels, Energy, Mind, Body, Heart Chakra, Music, Sound and the Spiritual Principles of any healing modality.

(2) Any metaphysical tool and skill set that we use in these sessions is meant to support you to be responsibe for your own freedom and life.

(3) We avoid creating dependency through any kind of rituals, predictions and external products.

(4) At times, we do handhold you to create that Sacred Space within you from where you can strengthen yourself and initiate transformation in your own time and space.

(5) We support you gently to change your perceptions and transform your life one step at a time. This may involve going for a number of similar or different sessions or sometimes participating in different workshops & retreats.

(6) All personal sessions & other programs are designed to create a safe space where :
1. you matter,
2. your feelings are expressed,
3. your emotions are processed,
4. you experience therapy as an act of faith,
5. you witness any session as authentic,
6. you willingly explore yourself and
7. finally you give yourself permission to heal.

(7) Every program at Angel Acaademy has its underlying foundation in the ACP principle :
1. Creating Awareness (Past)
2. Finding Clarity (Present) &
3. Living Your Purpose (Future)

(8) Our energy exchange (charge) for any personal session is fixed at a cost effective rate of Rs 2400 for a period of 40 minutes. It is inclusive of 18% GST. Any increase in the time limit of the session is chargeable. If you need a longer session, you can book 2 or 3 sessions together in advance.

(9) Kindly go through the below list in detail and choose your session wisely – meaning that one aspect of your life which is of utmost priority at present. Any session is meant for only one topic at a time.

(10) Incase, you do not find the type of session or service you are looking for in this list, call or WhatsApp 09320010301 with your inquiry.

Practicing Metaphysical Declarations

Experiencing Powerful Visualizations

Working with the New Moon

Working with the Full Moon

A Session for Feeling Good

A Session for Just Talking

A Session for Job Promotion

Dealing with Judgment

Dealing with Criticism

Dealing with Deservability

Dealing with Addiction

Dealing with Anger

Healing with The Labyrinth

Finding the Beauty Within

Streamlining My Priorities

Accessing my Akashíc Records

Creating My Meant-For-Me Job

Clearing My Energy Field

Fulfilling A Business Target

Exploring My Religious Beliefs

Creating Genuine Friendships

Music Session Body

Music Session Health

Music Session Heart

Music Session Mind

Music Session Space Clearing

Music Session Focus

Music Session Concentration

Music Session Energy Clearing

Music Session Soul Healing

Music Session Prosperity

Music Session Abundance

Music Session Angelic Healing

Creating My Own Vision

Exploring Mirror Healing

Discovering My Life Purpose

Owning My Work & Career

Respecting Space & Privacy

Accepting Passion, Love & Romance

Owning My Own Home

Experincing True Relationships

Tapping & Healing

Loving Your Body

Healing through Tears

Healing through Forgiveness

Achieving Goals & Milestones

A Session On Ageing Gracefully

Dealing with Post-Retirement

Processing Grief & Sorrow

Mind Body Health Connection

Understanding Ancestral Healing

Connecting with The Source

Getting Coached for Life

Receiving Spiritual Mentoring

Dealing with Loans & Debts

Emotional Clutter Releasing

Life Lessons of Legal Disputes

Past Life Regression

Healing With My Spirit Guide

Future Life Progression

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