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My workshops are for everyone.
My retreats are for everybody.
My coaching is neither for everyone nor everybody.

Presently, I am referred to as “The Invisible Mentor TM” in Bollywood celebrity circles, eminent industrialists club and the high profile clientele list.

The reason is simple.

I coach and mentor them and I disappear.

I am not on their digital timelines.

And I am not on social media myself.

We do not socialize publicly.

I don’t click photographs with them as we value the coach – coachee sacred relationship, its space, authenticity, privacy and confidentiality.

They hire me to be invisible so that I can :
✅ declog the neurological pathways in their hyperactive brains,
✅ declutter the mental space in the left and right wings of their overactive brains,
✅ sharpen, tighten, polish or replace the rusted screws connecting various corridors of their mind,
✅ check intermittently that they are not renting out the space in their head to dubious tenants.

Before we decide to connect :

A few points to understand before you sign up and make any payment for your transformational sessions :

(1) My metaphysical coaching methods involve transmutation of ENERGY to create a pure and stable energetic space for you where you can work yourself on the alignment (balance) of your Mind (Brain), Body, Heart, Soul & Space.

(2) Any metaphysical tool and skill set that I use in these sessions is meant to support you to be responsibe for your own freedom and life.

(3) At times, I do handhold you to create that Sacred Space within you from where you can strengthen yourself and initiate transformation in your own time and space.

(4) I support you gently to change your perceptions and transform your life one step at a time.

(5) You find yourself in a safe and sacred space where :
1. you matter,
2. your feelings are expressed,
3. your emotions are processed,
4. you experience coaching as an act of faith,
5. you witness any session as authentic,
6. you willingly explore yourself and
7. finally you give yourself permission to heal.

(6) The underlying foundation is the ACP principle :
1. Creating Awareness (Past)
2. Finding Clarity (Present) &
3. Living Your Purpose (Future)

(7) Presently I offer practical workable guidance and self healing through coaching in the form of one on one personal sessions.

Now that you know what I love and how I fulfill my life purpose, here’s the next step :

This session of 2 to 3 hours is the first step in both of us getting to know each other better. It helps to understand the various roles we will be playing in your transformation journey :
1. Coach – Coachee
2. Mentor – Client
3. Teacher – Student
4. Facilitator – Participant
5. Consultant – Consultee
6. Trainer – Trainee

In this introductory session, our roles are defined and demarcated, boundaries are created and set, a general reading, interpretation, analysis and guidance of your major life issues is discussed.

This first session can be either in-person or on Zoom. It is not Telephonic.

This opening up private session may also involve a deeper conversation and an overall discussion on a few issues like :
1. health & wellness
2. education & career
3. foreign travel & settling abroad
4. wealth & prosperity
5. personal life matters
6. job, work & success
7. career & professional satisfaction
8. children’s studies
9. beginning new business,
10. marriage & separation
11. legal disputes, etc.

This helps you to get clarity and focus on what are the major priorities now and supports both of us to narrow down on what the future sessions would be based on.

Below is the comprehensive list of modern issue based topics for an annual coaching contract :
1. Maintaining Harmonious Relationships
2. Creating a Focused Intentional Life
3. Business Enhancement
4. Ethical & Spiritual Marketing
5. Dealing with addictions
6. Spiritual Well being & Guidance
7. Stress Management
8. Job Respect & Promotion
9. Achieving Goals & Milestones
10. Respecting & Honouring Boundaries
12. Fulfilling a Business Target
13. Anger Management
14. Focus & Concentration
15. Work Job Life Success
16. Believing in Yourself & Others
17. Creating A Vision for yourself
18. Creating Genuine Choices
19. Decoding the Totality of Possibilities
20. Manifesting Your Dreams
21. Creating your Best Year ever
22. Journey to Self Exploration
23. Clearing Mental Clutter
24. Dealing with Grief & Sorrow
25. Connecting to the Wisdom Within

(Note : Apart from personal coaching, the above programs are also offered as corporate workshops, customized trainings and residential retreats.)

Formats :
In-person or Zoom
(Later personal sessions can be telephonic as well)

Coaching types & investment :
1. Single session
2. One day coaching
3. Issue based coaching
3. Annual coaching
All prices are available upon request.
Call or WhatsApp directly on +91 9320010301

Isn’t it a good idea to know the background of your coach, trainer, mentor and teacher ?

Here’s my story so far…

I am Kalyaann Sir (born 28/12/1974), the youngest and eleventh child of a huge conservative Jain family originally hailing from Rajasthan and settled in Mumbai now since 3 generations.

Completing my SSC (March, 1990) education in Victoria High School, Mahim, Mumbai, I am a graduate in Economics (Mumbai University, 1996) from Ruia College, Matunga.

I started working as a Private Tutor in 1990 and by 1992, I was running my own coaching classes till 2000 in Mahim. I have worked as a full-time teacher in schools and as an Economics Lecturer in colleges.

In 2001, I began a hostel in Panchgani, Maharashtra and converted it into a boarding institution (JK High School) in 2006.

In 2008, I started my Metaphysical journey after reading Think & Grow Rich, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Heal Your Life and the Chicken Soup series.

In April 2012, I attended Jack Canfield’s conference in Mumbai and took up life coaching as a new field of study.

In December 2012, during an epiphany in my meditation, I got connected with the energy of Archangel Micheal and began my journey as an Angel Therapist, closing down the boarding school in Panchgani and shifting back to Mumbai in April 2013.

In May 2013, I took a one year sabbatical from everything and began attending Metaphysical meetings, classes, groups, workshops, seminars and read books of various New Age authors.

Angel Acaademy®️ (earlier known as Life Coach Acaademy) – one of India’s premier metaphysical institute for spiritual studies and inner growth, founded by myself and my wife, Reetta Kalyan Jain on 1st January, 2015 – began its operations.

In 2015, I completed the Heal Your Life Teacher training at Chennai under the guidance of Dr. G.L Sampoorna. It was followed by the Forgiveness Workshop and the Heal Your Life Teen’s training in 2016, again with Dr. G.L Sampoorna in Chennai.

In 2016, I experienced frequent trance-like situations while meditating and got attuned to the energies of Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji) who accepted me as his disciple in Spirit.

In 2017, I completed the Past Life Regression training under the tutelage of Dr. Trupti Jayin. Through 3 personal regressions with her, I got attuned to my past lives in Calcutta (Pre British undivided Bengal Province) and received blessings from Maa Kali.

In 2018, I completed the Heal Your Life Coach training at Lonavla under the guidance of Sneha Shah and Shashank Gupta.

In 2019, I completed the Law Of Attraction Coach training at Hyderabad under the guidance of Gaurav Behl.

Till December 2021, I completed more than a thousand private Angel Therapy sessions and 700 personal coaching sessions. I have also facilitated 105 workshops, trainings and retreats in India in the last 13 years.

From 2022, with 20 years of educational experience and 13 years of metaphysical exploration, I am now coaching and mentoring bollywood celebrities, prominent industrialists and politicians.

I have been interviewed by the Life Positive Magazine – India’s only spiritual brand for 27 years – and have conducted my signature workshops with them. My ads have been featured in all the Pan India English newspapers and magazines.

Presently, I live with my wife and 2 children in Mumbai and travel within India & abroad whenever and wherever prominent clients call me for coaching them.

Angel Acaademy,
105, 1st floor,
Sagar Shopping Centre,
Above Ranawat Jewellers,
Dawood Baug Lane, JP Road,
Near Metro Pillar no. 119,
Andheri West,
Mumbai – 400058.

Office timings : 11am to 7pm
Holiday :
For appointments :
+91 9320010301
For email :

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